Sep 8, 2007


So, I am still in Portland, but with the parents, and thus I have a ton of parents-are-sleeping-I-am-awake time to waste on the internet, which is unfortunate. But, whatever. A few things I have learned in this time:
  1. Meerkats know how to use cameras.
  2. LA life=eek!
  3. Southern California water might be rationed as early as next year. also=eek!
  4. Paris Hilton is suing Hallmark Cards for the use of "That's Hot," a phrase which she has trademarked. oy.
  5. Calif. 'Perfect Drought' Could Span 100 Years
  6. Përshëndetje is how you greet someone in Albanian. Thanks Flickr!

Sep 6, 2007

the northwest

So I am in Portland today until Monday. 'Took the train in. While I had never been on a train previously, I had built up pretty extensive and detailed images of what I wished it would be like from many cultural references, but specifically the oft-referenced-by-me 1956 gem of a film, Around the World in 80 Days. Unfortunately, the AmTrak Coast Starlight isn't as awesome. I wasn't playing whist with my neighbour; nor was I admiring the flocked wallpaper on the walls and the gold buttons on the porter's uniforms because none of that was there. And, the food in dining car was pretty lame. But, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, singing some Woody Guthrie songs in my head.

The hotel we're in here is pretty crazy. I prefer it to your average Hilton, but they are going a little overboard with the clashing patterns, trying so hard to prove their hipness. Free wireless, though, so yay. And, there's a cute little recycle bin! Oh, you 'ecochic' Portland. I have this idea to get on top of a lot of the ecoroofs here, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Ran into the Ice Cream Man this evening, as well--pretty exciting, but no ice cream was being given out yet and the folks didn't want to wait around. Hopefully, we'll be able to arrange a Automatic Stapler Ice Cream session (which was supposed to happen when the station basically collapsed).

Following are a few choice photos of the last several days in Seattle. For full size and additional photos, check out my flickr.