Jan 26, 2010

Dear Facebook readers,

You may have noticed, if you are reading this on Facebook, that in my last post all the movies were missing. That is because you aren't reading it on blogspot. So get to it, folks, and see this blog in all it's unemployment-time-filling splendor. http://followthatostrich.blogspot.com


Jan 25, 2010

I watched 149 movies in 2009.

What follows is a list of my top films from each month. This took me several hours to make. Complete waste of time, but I didn't realize it was going to take so long until about an hour into it and then it was too late. I had already started! Apparently, I don't like current movies. Only ten of these did I see in theaters or, in the case of PBS documentaries, when they debuted on PBS.


February: I only watched one movie in February and it wasn't amazing.





July (this may have been the best month of my movie-viewing. so many to list!):






Updated: Who I want to be when I grow up.

  1. Huell Howser's assistant/successor.
  2. Tambourine player in The Parson Redheads.
  3. A guest on Sesame Street.

Jan 22, 2010

here, here Paul Smith

"Unfortunately, it’s just so normal now for people not to believe anything and for people to lie about things, and gamble on them, and not be sincere. In a way, sincerity is the new fake because no one even believes you if you are sincere."

Jan 20, 2010

With chains and knives!

Roland Reiner Tiango. awesome awesome awesome. check out his stuff.

"Whoomp (Sqaure It Is)" is a terrifying thought.
Paul Rand!!!
Wes Andersen seems to be less annoying and more adorable in animation. Perhaps this is a reason.

"Indie wasn't crappy for a purpose (anymore)"
Do you have some extra old guns and knives lying around?

(bonus points to anyone who knows what the title of this point is referencing)
John Krasinski reminds me a lot of Andy Griffith these days.

Jan 17, 2010

Two things that would prevent me from buying a watch.

  1. No hour demarcation of any kind.
  2. This slogan: "German precision and American testosterone."

Jan 16, 2010

Dear Wes Anderson,

I like you. Then I don't. I like you. Then I don't. You're making this really tough for me. But right now, I like you.


Jan 14, 2010

More articles.

Christmas song Jews.
White House vegetables not actually White House vegetables.
History of Christmas cards, sorta.

Super interesting article on Highland Park Jews.

Jan 12, 2010

Dear iTunes,

Why is that whenever I play a song from a Greatest Hits compilation, you display Steve Miller Band album art, but when I play the one or two songs I have that are actually by Steve Miller Band, you show Crosby, Stills & Nash art?


Jan 11, 2010

Dear fashion,

I may have already written about this, but it seems you are stealing my dreams. First, wingtips. Then, clogs. And, now, monocles. I'm not sure what to say about this. Before I was hesitant to buy these things because they were so expensive. Now that everyone wants them, they are much more accessible (well not quite yet for the monocles), but, at the same time, everyone has them.

What a conundrum!

Dear Wall Street Journal,

You use "according to a person familiar with their thinking" too much. Does this person even have any value?

I am not sure,


Dear Boyle Heights,

Thank you so much for this.


Jan 10, 2010

Dear Crimean War,

Thank you for the cardigan sweater (and apparently also the balaklava, although I don't have much use for that). What other woolen items will you reward civilization?

A hearty thanks,

Jan 9, 2010

Interesting articles I read today.

Anthony Bourdain reflects on 2007.
Jonathan Gold was only freelancing? Crazy.
I'm sad I never went to the Southwest Museum.
Although it took me way more than 25 minutes to get through to my gate last week, this article makes a convincing argument for the "Israelification" of American airports.
The Offline American.

Jan 3, 2010

LAist uses my photos again: http://laist.com/2010/01/03/happy_90th_birthday_musso_franks.php?gallery0Pic=5#gallery

Jan 1, 2010

Dear Israel,

Your toilet paper embossed with hearts is novel, but let me introduce you to the concept of toilet seat covers.


Question which your answer will allow me to judge your character.

What are your top three Stevie Wonder songs?