Jan 29, 2009

Who ya gonna call? Trust Busters!

Dear Television Gods,

How did you let me miss this show? While I have only seen some clips, it seems to be the perfect cartoon for this particular gal. Silly songs about Teddy Roosevelt and other presidents?! How fab! It came out about the time I stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons I assume.

Release this on DVD, please!

P.S. These magazine covers are really swell.

Jan 26, 2009

Vote of Confidence

(10:25:19 PM): i think you would kick the city coucil's ass
(10:25:21 PM): council
(10:25:22 PM): 's
(10:25:26 PM): you should run
(10:25:44 PM): CD5 is an open seat right now if you're interested
(10:25:48 PM): you wouldn't even have to move


Jan 23, 2009

bloggity bloggity blog

Dear Peter and Rob,

I like your blog. This post is particularly enjoyable.


Jan 20, 2009

Uncharacteristic fashion post.

I put together this nice little image in Paint last night, because I was procrastinating as usual. I want these items of clothing, which would make all sorts of rad outfits together. I will not, however, buy any of these items, because they are all incredibly overpriced.

Pedro Garcia - Alanis jazz shoes
3.1 Phillip Lim - Leather motorcycle jacket
3.1 Phillip Lim - Lace Bubble Skirt
Oscar de la Renta - Crossover Faille Dress
Fendi - striped crepe dress
Jimmy Choo - heather leather boots

Jan 15, 2009

Top 6 Sandwiches of 2008

Ok, I just made a really delicious sandwich--a sandwich even you vegetarians can eat! I'll get back to that later. First, I think it's important that you know about these sandwiches.

6) Meltdown, etc., Culver City: Mozzarella, Fontina, Grilled Eggplant, Yellow Squash & Zucchini, Roasted Red Peppers, Caramelized Onions, Walnut Pesto on Focaccia Bread aka Grilled Cheese. mmmmm.

5) Alcove, Los Feliz: Crab cake sandwich: maryland style crab cake made from sweet blue crab meat on a caramelized onion bun, caramelized bermuda onions, wild arugula, tomato and chipotle aioli on the side

Breadbar, Century City: Ahi Tuna Burger on Golden West Five Grain Bun with Seared ahi tuna, crispy onion, radish, tomatoes, wasabi mayonnaise, garlic ginger fries.

3) John O'Groats, West Los Angeles: O'Groats Crab Melt: Meaty, moist, and flavorful crab cake on a rustique roll with tomato and melted provolone cheese.

2) Damon and Pythias, Westwood: Portabella Caprese Sandwich: Portabella Mushrooms on Grilled Foccacia Bread with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fresh Basil and Mixed Baby Greens.
1) Tender Greens, Culver City: Free Range Chicken with Rustic Bread, Aioli, and Roasted Peppers.

Ok, now to the sandwich I just made. This is what you need to do. Toast two slices of Sourdough Wheat Bread with a few slices of fresh Ovoline mozzarella. While you're doing this, sautee sliced white mushrooms, shredded carrots, baby spinach, and a little diced fresh garlic in a pan. Add some salt and pepper and mix in Trader Joe's Caesar salad dressing. Cook for just a few minutes while bread and cheese is toasting. Take the bread out of the toaster, cover with the vegetable mixture, and then top with quartered cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts. Woila! realllllly tasty.

Jan 14, 2009


Dear gum chewers,

You look stupid.


P.S. People who buy Barack Obama coins, issued by the banks of countries like Liberia, on TV also look (are) stupid.

Jan 10, 2009

"a galvanic mixture of charm and energy"

L-R, T-B:
1) The Promise Ring: Very Emergency
2) Randy Newman: Little Criminals
3) Randy Newman: Trouble in Paradise
4) The Rascals: Time Peace Greatest Hits
5) Ray Charles: Modern Songs in Country and Western Music
6) Robert Clary: Meet Robert Clary

1) The Promise Ring were one of the first bands I really loved. It was a short but brilliant affair between me and their albums in middle school and early high school. Then I forgot about them. Suddenly, sophomore year of college, I get really into Maritime--an amalgamation of Promise Ring and Dismemberment Plan members. So I got back into The Promise Ring and bought this and a Maritime LP from their website. Oh yeah, Maritime was on my radio show. You should've listened.

2) I think I got this one from MAMSROC. Since I haven't written about my records in a while, I'll remind you that MAMSROC stands for "middle aged man sells records on campus." It's a good album, but I rarely listen to it. According to Wikipedia, "In 1978, legislation was introduced to make playing the song ("Short People") on the radio illegal in Maryland, though the bill failed to pass." That's super ridiculous.

3) Also from MAMSROC. "I Love LA!" And it's true, I do. Do you? I once saw Randy Newman at the Hollywood Bowl and the entire audience of 17,000 or so was shouting "we love it" in the correct spots. It was weird.

4) 99 cents from Rhino! I bought this because I thought it looked cool--very Lichtenstein. "Groovin'" "Mustang Sally" etc., exactly what's to be expected from a Rascals greatest hit album.

5) I can't remember where I got this. But it is of course a classic album. Revolutionary, even. "Big band arrangements by Gerald Wilson and Gil Fuller." I LOVE Gerald Wilson. He taught at UCLA, you know.

6) I bought this album on Ebay, 'cause I really wanted it, 'cause I love Robert Clary. It's probably been made clear enough already but Hogan's Heroes is my favorite show. Robert Clary played Louis LaBeau, a French POW and one of the titular "heroes." Not only does this have really cute illustrations on the back, but it prooves that Robert Clary is a really great singer. Surprisingly, most of that show's cast members were good singers. The best song this album is "Fleur Bleue." Try to find it. It's worth your time.

Down by the schoolyard.

photo by Tom Marcello

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I have now felt the "public school overcrowding," and it is going to prevent me from taking the class on Ellingtonia with the awesome Kenny Burrell. BOO. I really wanted to take that class, but I cannot handle 200 people stuffed into a classroom that should contain fifty. Add in the fact that twenty plus people are on their sidekicks and one person WAS ON THE PHONE (talking!) in the middle of class. Also, Burrell is in his late 70s and doesn't talk too loudly in the first place.


Jan 8, 2009

Josh Heller doesn't read my blog, but he'd probably enjoy this truck.

Dear Mark Manguera,

Thank you for Kogi truck. The Korean BBQ chicken taco I just devoured was undoubtedly delicious. Sometimes I like food a lot because I am just really hungry and, thus, predisposed to liking whatever I eat. Tonight's case was the reverse. I was not hungry at all and, yet, the food still was tremendous. I am thinking about getting twitter just so I can follow your wearabouts!

That's a big deal,

P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Oh my god.