Nov 29, 2009

Dear huddled masses,

What about bodies of stagnant piped-in water makes you throw your hard-earned money away? I really can't understand. Is there some specific origin of this ridiculous custom I don't know?

Please educate me,
Add trying to sound like Bob Dylan when singing "Then I Kissed Her" to the list of weird things Phil Spector did.

(This way too long documentary series All You Need is Love made by a British man in the 70's is alright. Wouldn't like it if not for these great weird interviews. Most of the information seems a little inaccurate or already known to me, but most people would probably learn a lot of new stuff).

Nov 28, 2009

This post is mainly for Lillian.

The black boots I finally procured after buying and returning and buying and returning again (although thankfully I didn't pay anything near that price. The second pair I got in a different color (Mud on the site; I don't know why they won't let me link the correct picture):

Dear L.A. River Report with Ed Reyes,

I would be much more into you if you were not accompanied by monumentally dull music. This isn't a hotel television menu channel show. Too bad it sounds like one (okay, obviously, I'm already admitting a lot by saying I watch LACityView channel 35).



Nov 14, 2009

J.L.Curtis part II

She thinks I "may have a runway" in my future and should have majored in costume design. She gets this all from a jacket. Excellent.

Also part II of What/Who Ron Jarvis Thinks I Look Like Today (although this is actually in reference to Monday): Coco Chanel. I'll take it.

Harry Shearer was there, too.

Nov 12, 2009

Wes Anderson

If you have seen any Wes Anderson film, particularly The Darjeeling Limited, you have probably realized he likes to use his soundtrack to very heavy-handedly underscore every emotion he wants the audience to feel. Quite frequently, my reaction is "OKAY, WES, I GET IT."

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox this evening. I wonder if Anderson has ever used any diegetic music. I doubt it. Nevertheless, it didn't bother me as much this time. Maybe because I love the Beach Boys. And "Heroes and Villains" is my favorite song.

Also, Mario Batali is one of the minor voices? Crazy.