Dec 27, 2010

Ugh. What the hell's up with these "Pre-Fall Collections?" Last time I checked, pre-fall was summer.

Dec 25, 2010

MGMT's "Kids" beginning is so reminiscent of the beginning of the "Undeclared" theme song. By the way.

Dec 13, 2010

Obviously, I've been spending a lot of time looking at the UCLA Library Digital Collections.

Here's an interesting set to ponder:


1877, "Lands of the Los Angeles City Water Company":

Dec 12, 2010

I just saw this photo in the UCLA Library's digital Walter E. Bennett Photographic Collection of the audience during The Beatles' concert on August 15, 1966 in Washington, D.C. It's pretty great. Makes me think, though, that I still do not understand the craziness. I have never, even it my most ridiculous fandom, ever been so excited about anything.

Dear UCLA Library,

Please stop posting your audio files as .rams. I don't have or want Real Media Player.

Pretty please,
Second day of food poisoning-related inactivity was spent watching Undeclared (best show) and reading every post I've ever written on this blog. FYI, 2007 was the golden year. Take a look back. Less internet-curating, more entertaining writing.

And some stats, which I just realized blogger does on its own and no longer requires me checking Analytics.
52% of my readers use IE. How strange. 80% use Windows. Top three countries of origin are unsurprisingly USA, UK, and Canada (all time means only since May of 2010 to Blogger; that must have been when they started this service). Although today, the top three countries are USA, Malaysia, and Poland.

These are weirdly the most popular posts: 1 and 2.

Dec 10, 2010

Thanks to food poisoning, I have spent all day watching television. Just finished Max Dugan Returns. I was creeping out myself by finding Matthew Broderick attractive, given that he is supposed to be like 14 years old. Good thing IMDB was there to save my conscience--he was 21. Phew. Simultaneously and also awkwardly attracted to Donald Sutherland. So bizarre.

Dec 9, 2010

I want this, a lot. Buy it for me, please, at The Quiet Life, purveyors of awesome T-shirts.

Dec 8, 2010

Songs of the Norwegian Fjords

I bought this record last week! Good thing the internet already has it photographed so I can save all that tremendous effort. Anyways, it's wonderful. Also, the artwork is sublime. LITERALLY, ASHI DIAMON.

Dec 5, 2010

woahhh Sugihara
For real, lateness is annoying.
"...the streets downtown point to other destinations, that these streets still resist the city's American occupation in 1847."
I believe in handwriting!

and, finally: I want to live in this house: which was supposedly Mary Blair's house (!) and is sorta awesomely on Fredonia just as I am watching Duck Soup