Oct 29, 2009

I need this necklace.

Please, please, please. Channukah present?!?
Dear people who decide San Vicente and Fairfax is an acceptable place to block the intersection,



P.S. When is it ever acceptable to block an intersection?

Oct 25, 2009

Jamie Lee Curtis likes bluegrass and my new hat

and John C. Reilly wanted to know if I was going to play him a mini glockenspiel solo.

Oct 20, 2009

I like buying socks too much for someone who wears flip flops almost every day.

Oct 19, 2009

Don't worry, I'm not buying either of these.

Dear clothiers,

After doing some research, it seems what I dislike is called sublimation printing. If I am wrong, please correct me. Whatever it may be called, I do not understand why it exists. Why would one want clothing with random white stretches of fabric? Is it supposed to look like the ink just couldn't be absorbed there? It's not like dye just misses portions of a dress. It also usually accompanies a disastrous Ed Hardy-esque pattern. This is confounding.

Please explain,

Some examples:

Oct 18, 2009

After returning the portrait, the art thieves reclined

Did you know the Los Angeles Police Department has an Art Theft Detail? Did you know it is the only only full-time municipal art investigative unit in the United States? It's a good thing, too, considering how, as Greg Allen says, "Seriously, there is some great art in LA. Or at least there was, until it got JACKED."

One of the stolen pieces is one of Andy Warhol's portraits of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. According to the aforementioned Allen, eight were commissioned by the man who had one set of athletes' portraits stolen. I have my own picture somewhere of one that hangs in the UCLA Chancellor's Residence, on loan from the Hammer Museum (perhaps they got one of the 4/8 given away), but this one will have to do because I can't find it. I have no real opinion on Chancellor Block's wife other than that I really enjoy her statement to the Daily Bruin: "
'I met Kareem at a UCLA event recently and I said, ‘Oh, I see you every day.'"
Dear blog readers,

Analytics tells me my most popular posts are ones with the least comments. What's going on?


Oct 17, 2009

I like to sleep with the window open and you keep the window closed.

L-R, T-B:
1) Paul McCartney: Give My Regards to Broad Street
2) Paul Simon: Hearts and Bones
3) Paul Simon: Still Crazy After All These Years
4) Peter Sellers: the Best of Sellers
5) Petula Clark: The World's Greatest International Hits!
6) The Police: Ghost in the Machine

1) Rhino Records 99 cents purchase, yeeeeah. But, this album is just whatever. It's a soundtrack of a movie I'd never heard of. I didn't even realize it was a soundtrack until writing this right now. The bizarre pictures all over the gatefold should have clued me in, but one never knows with these rock stars. (oh my that was so cheesy). Anyways, this has a lot of his already released tracks. So, basically, this is the kind of record I buy when I'm just record shoppin' quickly and the albums are 99 cents.

2) I don't remember where I got this record. I don't even remember ever listening to it. So, alas, all I can say is that it has really ugly album art.

3) A classic I took from the parents, which includes the classic that gave this post its title. I don't think anything bad could be said about this album. Well, actually, it could be said that it's super annoying that my dad starts singing "Still Crazy After All These Years" every time someone mentioned something related to many years or being crazy. But I'll overlook that. Why, you ask? The answer is easy if you take it logically (what's that too much? Probably only if you know that it comes from "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" -- track four). okay okay "YOU'RE KIND" IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER>BIG DEAL!11!!!!1!!1 (the 1s are to denote to gkla the level of excitement here). If you want to listen to a super perfect duo of songs, you want to listen to this song and then "Heart of the Country" from Paul McCartney's solo album, Ram.

---NOTE---: There are a lot of records that have been procured since this picture was taken, but I'll save writing about them 'til I have pictures.

4) MAMSROC. This is a weird not 12" 33 1/3 LP but 10", which means that it comes from the time when only classical music and 'musical' music was given the 'privilege' of getting more shellac.
I really like the Parlophone logo.

5) Also MAMSROC. and, also ORANGE VINYL. woooooo!!! Also includes the silly rework: "The Boy from Ipanema." I think it is one of these
(thank you internet! google "petula clark orange"): "There are also numerous bootleg albums from Taiwan which have become quite collectable. These are generally inferior quality copies of her American or British hit albums on red, orange, green or yellow vinyl with poorly xeroxed art work." true, but the poorly xeroxed art work looks kinda nice.

6) Rhino Records $0.49 purchase from early high school. I liked this record a lot then.

Oct 9, 2009

playlist for LACMA

  • Leonard Cohen - A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
  • Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains
  • Antony and the Johnsons - Shake the Devil
  • Esthero - Superheroes
  • Old 97's - Up the Devil's Pay
  • Llibertines - Time for Heroes
  • Starlight Mints - Seventeen Devils
  • Danielson - Propaganda for a Comic Strip
  • The Kinks - Superman
  • Roxy Music - India
  • Tommy Dorsey - Song of India
  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Little Demon
  • Steve Earle - Angle is the Devil
  • Blitzen Trapper - Devil's A-go-go
  • The Anniversary - Devil on My Side
  • Marty Robbins - Devil Woman
  • Rufus Wainwright - Evil Angel
  • Willie Bobo - Evil Ways
  • The Smiths - Handsome Devil
  • The Germs - Lexicon Devil
  • Helen Shapiro - Little Devil
  • Robert Johnson - Me and the Devil Blues

Oct 5, 2009

Not redacting.

I was only writing this post because, for no reason, I really wanted to use the word "redact." Then I realized it's a totally inappropriate word for this post. Anyways, I am addending (blogger doesn't think this is a word but it is the verb form of addendum, believe me), sadly not redacting, the post entitled " Josh Heller doesn't read my blog, but he'd probably enjoy this truck," in which I wrote "P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Oh my god." with "P.P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Stop putting too much cheese in it and letting it get too cold and congealed before you serve it!" (In fact, I exactly did not redact that post; I did not edit it before publishing in such as I am editing it after the fact with this here additional post).

Hey, I don't know what the deal is with this post being all kinds of crazy font sizes. When I edit it, it looks and says it is all one size. Sorry.

Oct 4, 2009

Notes taken out of context.

In the process of cleaning my room (the room I spent more than half of my childhood in, the room I just moved back into after not living in for four years a.k.a. there was a lot of stuff just stashed in random places room), I have discovered lots of little pieces of papers, post-its, business cards, what-have-yous with notes on them, either that I noted to myself or received. Sometimes I remember what they mean or what they come from, frequently I don't. I am going to share a few. Feel free to claim you're the one who said any of them. This may become a new series (if I ever resume regular posting), semi-inspired by Erica's affinity for my (is "to" actually the correct word here?) letter series.

"Looks like a 502, he's really weaving." "Give him a ball of yarn; he could make us both a sweater."

"Call him on it, be like, 'that dog just ain't gonna hunt.' Yeah, maybe the idiom is too much, but my point remains." (okay, honestly, I now remember exactly who said this and what/who it was about, but I didn't when I found it and it's kinda too much to get into for a blog post but makes me chuckle and thus I deem it post-worthy).

Perhaps a good way to remember the order of the streets downtown: "Wouldn't it be grand to hope to pick flowers on Figueroa?"

"1848 was charming only through an excess of the ridiculous"

"It is not theft to steal from thieves; it is merely irony."

OK, this last one I wrote down sometime during 2006. I know this because other stuff on the paper happened that year. I also know gkla told/IMed/somethinged this to me, but I have no idea what it is referencing: "Laura, you may now proudly say of yourself, "Today I was riding dirty." So fantastically dated, right?!