May 10, 2009


I've been wasting a lot of time on the internet today, which is fitting because I took a four day hiatus from the interweb and it was fabulous. Anyways, following is a variety of things 1) I want, 2) I want to read at a later point (but I'm not on my computer so I can't just bookmark them), 3) that are interesting, 4) or whatever.

Items of clothing/stuff I can't afford to purchase: purple sweater blazer, tank top (by the way, why are these called tank tops?), bow tie necklace ('guess this means I will miss being an usher), clogs, bag (in orange).

Listen: Turkish Psych Funk!

Read: Gas station architecture, sea&space

Look: Wu Tang meets Blue Note, Museum of Online Museums

Go?: Fiesta Shalom (name = eeek), MOTA day
(although the name would possibly be worse than Fiesta Shalom, I would totally buy 'Arroyo Fro-yo')


ReadDanceBliss said...

YES. Go to fiesta shalom.

Not because I'm performing there, just because.

Ok, yes, just because I'm performing there. See you in a week!

PS: Twitter.

neonspecs said...

please expand upon your last point.