Apr 18, 2010

After the glow, the scene, the stage, the set

I saw Pavement this past Thursday night in Pomona and it was definitely magical, that is until we were stranded on the side of a freeway, but I'll get to that later. Most important information on that evening is that they played five out of my top seven pavement songs:
  1. Spit on a Stranger
  2. Roll with the Wind
  3. Shady Lane
  4. Cut Your Hair
  5. Range Life
  6. Harness Your Hopes
  7. Stereo
I'm pretty satisfied with that outcome, as the italicized ones are B-sides I probably should never have hoped them to play (but can we just all agree that Roll with the Wind is spectacular?).

So then my friend's car has some sort of issue, in which the car fills with smoke and loses power breaking capability. Let me tell you, that is some scary stuff. And then we stand, freezing, on the side of a freeway in the middle of the night waiting for a tow truck. I obviously did not envision this occasion in choosing to wear a dress that morning. It's a good thing everyone bought shirts at the show; wearing three shirts did help a little. This situation would probably have been less frightening had I not watched so many Law & Orders and or film noirs that include scenes similar to these.

All in all, however, it was a pretty successful Nochella weekend: Pavement, first day of new job, long shift at old job (money!), Record Store Day (including buying a Robyn Hitchcock album I somehow missed which has a song titled "Raymond Chandler Evening"--what could be more perfect?!), pizzza I hadn't had in 14 years, square dance, maybe the best donuts in L.A., and learning how to make bagels.


Nick said...

I'm glad it was a good show. I'm hoping to see Pavement (and Sonic Youth & No Age) at the Hollywood Bowl. Also, we still on for grilled cheese?

Laura said...

Yeah I want to go to the Bowl show, too. That goes on sale next week, right? We are def on for lunch Thursday; grilled cheese is a different story since you didn't respond to the fbook message I have already forgotten when I suggested we go.