Sep 26, 2010

Reasons why I love Clifton's Cafeteria, even though the food is terrible.

I just found this post I wrote October 19, 2009. I don't know why I never published it. Perhaps, I knew subconsciously Clifton's would one day change and I would have to not so much defend it's honor but remind you of what it once was.
  1. "Clifton's" is a portmanteau of Clifford Clinton. I love portmanteaus.
  2. All the really good fonts.
  3. The fancy floor outside the entry. Macadamed maybe? I don't remember the correct descriptor. (But today, September 26, 2010, I do: it's terrazzo).
  4. It's Huell Howser approved.
  5. The fake bears make me nostalgic for The Country Bear Jamboree, which Disneyland should never have removed--or made a movie about.
  6. The variety of antlers available for viewing in quite some random places.
  7. The gang of Bible Crusaders in orange shirts using the second floor as it's pamphlet-folding headquarters.
  8. The creepy mini-chapel that talks to you when you push a button.
  9. It's pretty cheap to eat there (but not this good).

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