Dec 1, 2007

Curiosities of Note

This 'cycle' of America's Next Top Model's Saleisha is always referred to as 'oh, that commercial girl with an edgy haircut.' I really cannot comprehend how her haircut is so edgy, since it is just basically a bowl cut. Oh, and the fact that it looks exactly like the haircut of Tootie from the Facts of Life. ummmm, not edgy. Sorry. Please compare:

Secondly, what the hell is Saleisha? Especially the way they say it Silesia, like the oft-contested region in central Europe (the region from which my mother hails!).

On a side note, Donald Sutherland was at Freud Theater this afternoon to see the super creepy Teatr Zar's Gospels of Childhood.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Brandon Boyd and another Incubus member were eating at Mao's Kitchen last night whilst I was there. He is not a handsome person.

Another edit: I just realized how awesome this post is. Teatr Zar is from Silesia!!!! Oh man! So perfect.


Margarete said...

hahaha..i'm still laughing about the Tootie comparison. And where the heck is Mao's?? i would of been all over Boyd...actually probably not ..well, maybe..haha..but i'm SO SUPER jealous. :)

neonspecs said...


Susan said...

I totally agree, Laura. I totally agree.

My favorite is Jenna. Or Jena. Or Jenah. Or whatever her name is.

neonspecs said...

I hate Jena. I actually like Saleisha a lot; I just don't think her haircut is edgy. haha

Susan said...

How can you hate Jena?

'I'm just like... whatever.'

The real question is, how did you feel when Heather was eliminated? Because as much as I enjoyed Heather in the beginning, she was irritating me.

neonspecs said...

She drove me crazy during the Cover Girl commercial episode. eeeek! But I probably would have kicked off Jena first just because she is so obnoxious. I don't understand how Jena looks so weird when they are just filming her but every week her pictures are so fantastic. it's quite odd.