Oct 20, 2007

ummm, I got bitten by a rat.

No, I don't have rabies. BUT I GOT BITTEN BY A RAT!

edit: Danny Elfman was there. There was creepy music within feet. Fitting for a rat bite, it seems.


Susan Harris said...

I am going to need full details on this. Was it a pet rat or a wild rat? Was it provoked? These questions need answers.

neonspecs said...

wild rat, whilst at work. no provocation. I was standing still unaware of the danger that was lurking!

Susan Harris said...

more details. at work where? royce? did it bite your foot? or did it leap at you? this is such an exciting story.

i hope you're okay, by the way.

neonspecs said...

ummm, in the foyer area of Freud. It was a cheetah of a rat, super speedy--darted at my foot, and then disappeared. an hour after I saw some younger smaller rats, too. haha. My leg hurts but I am guessing that's just psychological since the hospital said I was fine.