Apr 9, 2008

A little biographical information.

Old superpatriotic movies make me teary-eyed, especially ones starring Gary Cooper. I like that about myself. I am not as much of a fan of Cary Grant, although I like him quite a bit. Bogart's okay, don't like Clark Gable. I do like William Powell. Gotta love Joel McRea. David Niven is second to none but James Stewart. Oh yeah, can't forget John Payne. Yes, Payne, not Wayne.

Basically, this is here because I removed it from my facebook profile but didn't want to delete it entirely.

Also, some new colors on this here blog. Wooooo!


El Gigante said...

Oh you MUST have known that this post was going to raise my hackles. I like all the actors you mentioned more then Gary Cooper. He did stoic very well but that's it, Buster Keaton may be the great stone-face but Cooper is the great stone-man. Of course he works so well as a super-patriot, he's so damn upright.

Cary Grant can do it all; drama and comedy. He is the man. Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even Cary Grant.

"I don't like Clark Gable" what Clark Gable have you been watching? Did a crate of Gone with the Wind DVDs fall on your puppy? That man is smooth and awesome. Don't believe me or feel up to watching all of Gone with the Wind? Try the exceptional It Happened One Night.

Bogart is remarkably versatile in that you loved him as a hero and hated him as a villain. I would not want to see him romancing Audrey Hepburn ever again (something Cooper did too-ewwwwww).

I agree with the rest. You left out Orson Welles.

neonspecs said...

haha. You have a vendetta against GC! makes me sad.

I have seen all of Gone with the Wind; didn't like it. It Happened One Night, on the hand, is one of my favorite movies. But not so much because of Clark Gable. Claudette Colbert is awesome, though, and the writing is fab.

I don't love Orson Welles, but I do think he is excellent at being supremely creepy. In the Third Man especially, but it's Joseph Cotton who is really great in that one.

I like Cary Grant but not as much as my mother does. or you apparently.

What about Edward G. Robinson?! hahaha.