Aug 29, 2008

My wisdom was extracted on Tuesday.

Consequently, I've been bleeding and reading--and not eating. Plus, watching a lot of movies. A few notes:
  • I finally finished alphabetizing all the 'rock-pop-soul' CDs at my internship. The Hives' Black and White Album really has fantastic album art. The font is spectacular. Looks like a great old movie. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the back where this great font is. So you'll just have to believe me.
  • Also at my internship, I've been doing a bit of golf cart driving which is, I gotta say, quite fun. The silly thing about the lot, though, is that the limit lines for stopping are about three feet behind the intersections, and, thus, you can't actually see anything when you stop there. It is all very silly.
  • I also interviewed James Franco again last week. I'll play it on my show as soon as I finish healing. Stay tuned!
  • I watched Hitchcock's last movie, Family Plot, today. Didn't like it too much, unfortunately. There are two interesting likenesses though.
    • 1. The villain looks remarkably like Zev Yaroslavsky!
    • Bruce Dern in this film reminds me of Will Farrell. But kinda only in this movie. Weird.

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Greg Katz said...

okay that Zev photo is way too awesome, i might make it my fbook photo