Sep 28, 2008

Too many "In Memoriam, Intial Initial Initial"s lately

Dear Paul Newman,

I always liked you better than Robert Redford. You were incredibly dashing. Plus,
your Italian salad dressing is delicious.



ReadDanceBliss said...

So, I never never never could tell the difference between Robert Redford and Paul Newman and my mother could never never believe that I couldn't tell. Glad you associate them together too.

To be totally honest, there was a third guy in the list too and I always confused all three of them, but now I can't remember who #3 is. Rest easy that when I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Oh, I know, the one from The Ten Commandments. Was that one of the aforementioned?

[Pause for imdb consultation]

YES: Charlton Heston. He, Robert Redford, Paul Newman. Occupying precisely the same space in my clearly too-small mind.

neonspecs said...

The reason Paul Newman and Robert Redford are associated is because they were quite a few movies together--Butch Cassidy, The Sting (1&2), etc. But Charleston Heston?!! that's ridiculous, yo! Heston is whack. W H A C K (read each letter aloud, please). Although I did see him at the mall once.