Sep 14, 2009

A few updates.

Two meals were foiled today, sadly. I was making dukkah-encrusted salmon for the fam (I didn't even know what dukkah was last night and today I was all set to wow them with the beautifully crispy topping) and, after I had made way more than necessary of the mixture, I notice an oddly darker piece. At first, it seemed like just a burned piece of coriander, but then it looked like it had appendages. With the use of a trusty magnifying glass, I was able to see that it, indeed, had legs. Gross! So I had to throw out all the mix. And now I am sufficiently concerned about all our spices--here's to the end of flavor! Thankfully, salmon is just as delicious baked with even a meager dose of salt, pepper, and some dill.

The other meal was ruined not by it's undeliciousness (it was a quite tasty chocolate twist I picked up on the way to work bright and early at 7:30 thi morning), nor did was it bugged. Breakfast was ruined because of the excruciating expedition finding parking at UCLA has become. I admit I got there about eight minutes later than the previous shift, but is that really reason for me to expect all street parking to be gone? Anyways, at that point I knew I was already going to be late to work. I really hate being late. So, already slightly anxious, I drive around campus only to realize they have removed ALL the meters I used to park at for even moderately reasonable fees. They also removed all signage. So, when I resign myself to paying a gazillion dollars at a "pay-by-space" space, I park and go to pay at the new machine things they replaced the meters with. It's only two hour parking; no sign for that, of course. I am already late, so I paid it. But it was SEVEN DOLLARS FOR TWO HOURS.

Having been ten minutes late to work, I had to leave two hours later in the middle of my shift to try to find another space. After looking all over the campus and the neighboring streets for 15 minutes, I park in one of the lots. WHICH IS NOW TEN DOLLARS.

Thus, I paid $17 to park when I was only going to be making $48 dollars today. UCLA parking FOR THE LOSE.

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