Oct 4, 2009

Notes taken out of context.

In the process of cleaning my room (the room I spent more than half of my childhood in, the room I just moved back into after not living in for four years a.k.a. there was a lot of stuff just stashed in random places room), I have discovered lots of little pieces of papers, post-its, business cards, what-have-yous with notes on them, either that I noted to myself or received. Sometimes I remember what they mean or what they come from, frequently I don't. I am going to share a few. Feel free to claim you're the one who said any of them. This may become a new series (if I ever resume regular posting), semi-inspired by Erica's affinity for my (is "to" actually the correct word here?) letter series.

"Looks like a 502, he's really weaving." "Give him a ball of yarn; he could make us both a sweater."

"Call him on it, be like, 'that dog just ain't gonna hunt.' Yeah, maybe the idiom is too much, but my point remains." (okay, honestly, I now remember exactly who said this and what/who it was about, but I didn't when I found it and it's kinda too much to get into for a blog post but makes me chuckle and thus I deem it post-worthy).

Perhaps a good way to remember the order of the streets downtown: "Wouldn't it be grand to hope to pick flowers on Figueroa?"

"1848 was charming only through an excess of the ridiculous"

"It is not theft to steal from thieves; it is merely irony."

OK, this last one I wrote down sometime during 2006. I know this because other stuff on the paper happened that year. I also know gkla told/IMed/somethinged this to me, but I have no idea what it is referencing: "Laura, you may now proudly say of yourself, "Today I was riding dirty." So fantastically dated, right?!


Susan said...

The 1848 quote seemed familiar to me too. I googled it: Baudelaire. Not that that solves the mystery of how it came to you.

neonspecs said...

Oh, that actually helps. I think it's from a book I read for my European Cities geography course by a famous guy, but I forgot his name. It was a good book. Thanks. Also, I didn't know you still read my blog. Perhaps just the posts tagged "Susan"?

Susan said...

I have been in law school hibernation... and then remembered that there ARE still some nice things in the world. Hence, my returning to your blog after a long absence. :)

neonspecs said...

aww, yay compliment! Is a return to the niceness of penpalmanship pushing it?

Susan said...


I've had something on my desk, WITH A STAMP ON IT MIND YOU, for... greater than two months. Will find a mailbox soon.

neonspecs said...