Jul 23, 2007

tasty, tasty

Yo folks,

I'm back to give you a run-down of what I deem fantastic at each of the following restaurants. I guarantee it (if, of course, you have the same tastes as me, which you should)!

Damon and Pythias - Portabella Caprese Sandwich Portabella Mushrooms on Grilled Foccacia Bread with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fresh Basil and Mixed Baby Greens.

Novel Cafe - Chinese Chicken Salad. not your average chinese chicken sald. In fact, the only resemblence to the usual one is the mandarin oranges; oh, and the chicken. Otherwise, a world apart and delicious!

Soliel - Chicken Crepe. AMAZING, seriously. The crepe is a beautiful thing in general, and this one specifically has a fantastic light cream sauce with tons of mushrooms. Plus it comes with a scrumptious salad and superb skinny skinny fries.

California Chicken Cafe - Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Vinagrette Dressing. Oh man, what a salad. Just go taste it as soon as possible.

California Fresh - Grilled Chicken Combo/ Pizza. This place is full of great deals. A large pizza is 7 dollars. The Grilled Chicken combo comes with two sides. I always choose grilled vegetables and humus and pita. They are on Westwood and La Grange, a bit south of the village.

Sprazzo - Pappardelle Quattro Funghi. Wide egg pasta with shitake, oyster, porcini, and champignon mushrooms in a light wine sauce.

Nizam -7.99 All You Can Eat Lunch Buffett. tastttttty food. especially the Chicken Makhni, Samosas, Mango, and Naan.

La Serenata - Crispy Chicken Tacos. with some odd but awesome rice and tomatillo sauce.

Gyu Kaku - Chicken Tare, Original Bibimba. Japanese food Korean style. "a yakiniku dining experience"

Okay, go try all of that! Report back your opinions.


Greg aka gkla said...

is this all on westwood blvd? haha

neonspecs said...

well, not Damon & Pythias, Nizam, Gyu Kaku, or La Serenata. hehe. Novel isn't either, is it? So, the answer is No, not all on westwood blvd. but in the general area yes.