Jul 23, 2007

there's a particular alley

I am just finishing up an essay about castrated boys in Italy singing opera in the 18th century. So exciting, right? Too bad I am really not interested and definitely disgusted. Right now I am listening to bossa nova and jazz greats like Joao Gilberto and Thelonius Monk; I sure do love Monk. Turns out, Summerschool is lame. Also turns out, however, that I know this and yet continue to enroll in it quite frequently. It seems that the thought of taking four classes for three quarters is much more frightening than summer school. Yet, I have now spent some weeks studying opera and feminism and partially-castrated sexually-promiscuous Italians and a runonsentence of more things I don't care about, and perhaps I would have been better off taking four classes a quarter.

I went to my new apartment on Thursday to measure it and drew up little floorplans for the two rooms, split into the bedroom, closet, living room area, dining room area, kitchen, and library nook. I am going to have a library nook! There's this really random area created by some weird walls so I am going to put bookcases covering the walls plus a table for my record player and an old antique lamp I rescued from my grandmother's garage. This is right next to the kitchen, which is kinda weird, but whatever--it's a library nook!

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