Aug 29, 2007


In response to Erica's most recent post, I must say I am a pretty excellent cook. I, however, almost never cook just because I am SO lazy when it comes to feeding myself. I did, however, on July 21st, according to the secretagentskills of Flickr, cook some pretty mean scallops. As evidenced (is that word?) by this picture:Anyways, those aren't just delicious scallops but delicious scallops with delicious balsamic mushrooms with reduced (!) lettuce something or other. Yeah. You want to be invited to one of my dinner parties, which will be starting once I move into my apartment, which will happen once my building's elevator isn't broken, which better happen before I leave for Seattle!

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ReadDanceBliss said...

Mmmmmmmm, scallops. Make me some, and then I'll take you dancing.

Which is to say, Heller's blog has a link to your blog but he screwed it up so it doesn't actually work. Dunno if you care to ask him to fix it.