Aug 23, 2007

some Dodgers observations

some Dodgers observations:
  • topiaries? Seriously? What Dodger fan really cares about shaped plants? Especially since the shapes are just hemispheres.
  • Universal Studios is definitely not the center of Los Angeles entertainment.
  • They no longer have cool-named players, except for maybe Saito. I miss Raul Mondesi and Hideo Nomo. They don't have great names, but I also miss: Adrian Beltre, Mark Grudzielanek, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth, and Brett Butler.
This Mederma For Kids commercial is super creepy:

Haven't listed those great eBay items in a while. I have no money currently, but if you wear my size shoes you can buy them and then let me borrow them once in a while. ;-)

  • Navy blue & silver Miu Miu platform pumps.
  • Orange Chloe flats.

1 comment:

Greg aka gkla said...

If you really miss Eric Karros, he is on Fox Sports making stupid commentaries during the occasional Angels game or Dodgers pre-game show.

Also, his parents committed that irredeemable sin of ending his first name with the first sound in his last name, so it sounds like Eric Arrows.