Aug 15, 2007

all in good time

So, apparently I am in no blogging mood these days. I would, however, love to share some more fab internet stuff to peruse.
  • Walk Score. See how walkable your neighborhood is. Mine isn't. Boo. :-(
  • I was driving on Westwood when this "Car Bomb Mystery" happened. Weird. LAist investigates.
  • Top 10 Tacos in West Los Angeles! I haven't been to any of the listed places, so I can't confirm. Feel free to let me know if you can. I gotta recommend the not-listed La Serenata's crispy tacos. yum!
  • These pictured Texans make enjoyable music. Photo by me.
  • Check out more photos by me!
More quick restaurant reviews coming soon!

12/11/10 update: TACOS POR FAVOR IS AMAZING.


Susan Harris said...

I just walkscored my neighborhood.


neonspecs said...
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