Mar 16, 2008

rolling with the Holm(i)es

So, apparently Angela Lansbury was at Royce on Thursday and nobody bothered telling me until today. A little late, no? Angela Lansbury!!! Man, she is as good a mystery solver as Sherlock Holmes, I am sure. And then of course there is the inimitable Bedknobs and Broomsticks. She perhaps would have been my fav Royce celeb; too bad I wasn't there! boooooooo.

In other Murder, She Wrote (MSW) news: I am almost at a point in my MSW watching career in which I can claim that actors from all my favorite shows have had guest roles on MSW. This weekend I have watched two episodes with some rad folks. Kevin Tighe, of Emergency!, played Lt. Moynihan in the 1990 episode, "How to Make a Killing Without Even Trying" and Martin Milner, of Adam-12, played Sheriff Bodine in the 1985 episode, "Reflections of the Mind." Adam-12 was one of the most technically accurate police dramas, by the way, and AMAZING. Earlier posts have explained previous appearances by Ellery Queen stars, but I don't know yet if I have seen any Hogan's Heroes crossovers (Although Bob Crane was once on an episode of Ellery Queen entitled "The Hard-Hearted Huckster"--what a great title, right?). That's what I am waiting for.

On a side note, I am beginning a collection of photos of those stamps in the sidewalk. Does anyone know what they are called exactly? This one above is taken on a street that is perpendicular to Echo Park Lake, if I remember correctly.

Edit: I didn't remember correctly. This one was somewhere in Koreatown.

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