Mar 3, 2008

You either give up or you chase history.

Damn straight, Jay-Z, damn straight.

The Adage To Live By (today's post's title) given to Charlie Rose by Jay-Z several months ago has imbued many a young boy with the fighting spirit, I am sure. It may also have instilled a challenge within a not-so-young weirdo middle-aged man (the more likely Charlie Rose audience member) to buy an overflowing cart's worth of groceries--$220! worth, in fact-- for himself! and to glare at me and my fellow shoppers. What a creeper.

The time spent at Trader Joe's on Friday, however, was not without the equally-weird, but much more delightful experience of a jolly old Scottish man telling me the general arc of his life story. He was so adorable.

Trader Joe's is the best.

But, then again, there's always the weird renaming-based-on-ethnicity-of-foods-thing.


Greg Katz said...

carman once asked a TJ's employee named Jose if he was "the same guy as Trader Jose"

he looked confused

then he said no

Sara said...

You can take photos at TJ's, but then I try to bust out a cam cam at Miss Sixty, and they are like, uh-uh. Just goes to show why Trader Joe's is the king, and lil ms. sixty ain't all that.

In other news, Scottish men are the reason for life. Best day of my life that hasn't happened yet: Craig Ferguson interviews James McAvoy.