May 6, 2008


Guess what? I have a midterm tomorrow (er, today). So it's perfectly logical that I would choose to write an entry now, right? This is just a quick preview of a new feature of this blog: an expedition through Laura's Record Collection. Perhaps I will come up with a witty title for real entries, but this is doubtful. Anyways, to give you a sneak preview of the wonders that this feature will reveal, check out this gem:
Explosive Honky Tonk by Knuckles O'Reilly! Obviously, I bought this record because of the album art. You must admit it is amazing, especially the random vessel/vase/thing behind him, which could be so many things, perhaps a spittoon? I can't remember exactly where I bought this record; it may have been from the old guy who sets up a table on campus and tries to pretend like he's giving me such a good deal by selling records for two dollars, when he always sells them for two dollars. He may be forgetful, but I am not!

Anyways, if I did, in fact, buy this one from him, the record was well worth the two dollars. The music does also not disappoint, especially the strong start--"Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis"--the great song from 1904 which is prominently featured in the Judy Garland movie, Meet Me in St. Louis.

Recommended listening time: sunny afternoons! Perhaps whilst watering plants. Or whilst drinking a weird lime-infused concoction.


sprinkle said...

sunny afternoons reminds me of when ozone production is high

mimimimimi said...

more of this please laura