May 23, 2008


Look at me, actually posting more than once a week again! wooo. Anyways, I took this video in early 2006. But it is now 2008, and flickr has video hosting. woooo (again). Erica, pay close attention. Oh yeah, the details = LA Chinatown Chinese New Year celebration in early 2006.


ReadDanceBliss said...


1) This post has no title so I can't link directly to it.

2) OHMIGODDDDDDDD. Wherever was this???

ReadDanceBliss said...

Spiderkid and friend are also doing Ba La.

(The best part of this vid is the random "Seniorita" at t-minus-six-seconds, no?)

neonspecs said...

Amazing. hehe.
Took you long enough. ;-)
It now has a title.

ReadDanceBliss said...

What, five whole days to read and comment, four of which I spent at Rikud? Kiss my whist-playing ass.

neonspecs said...

ohhhh! I forgot about Rikud. Nevermind. Extremely speedy, whist-playing Erica. By the way, do you actually know how to play whist?