Jul 18, 2008


My feelings exactly.

Mr. Hutchinson nicely described my silly useless internship today, a way I will never actually use.
Facilitated the transition to a digital system, specializing in the reduction of a dependence on physical capital for longevity, preservation, and efficiency gains.
I am just going to try and avoid being asked what I did--upload CDs for 8 hours a day twice a week for an entire summer.

On a side note, it is SUPER air-conditioned in these offices. And now, of course, another semi-relevant Chandler (not really, see previous post) quotation:
"It felt good after the hard desert heat, but it felt artificial too, like the soothing touch of an embalmer."

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Hutchinson said...

One day a prospective employer will find this blog post, see that you purposely avoided describing the activities your internship entailed, become enraged, and tear your resume in half. But then he looks back. Something catches his eye. He reads the italicized font once more. "Ohhhhh," he says, "that sounds pretty important. Very important, I dare say! What the hell am I doing? I nearly cost this company one of the best things that could happen to it!" And then, in a panic, the employer will run away to Fiji, so as to not face the situation. And you won't get hired. And he will be in Fiji. As a sex slave. And it's ll because you ignored my advice the first time.