Jul 6, 2008

Can socialism be built in the desert?

yes, but it is not advisable. after a while there will be a shortage of sand! The above and following jokes come from this very interesting documentary, Hammer & Tickle, about humor in the Soviet Union. This title is spectacular, or unfuckwithable, as one might say. One problem: it's not on Netflix and I can't rate it. It's truly sad when I can't give it that closing stamp that is a Netflix rating. And now for some more jokes:
Ladies and gentleman, we are about to enter the Soviet Union. Please sit down, fasten your seat belts, put your trays up, and wind your watches back ten years.

East German toilet paper is always two-ply because we have send a copy of everything we do to Moscow.
On a side note, LAist used another one of my photos--this time uncredited. :-/
Additionally, LA Weekly has an interesting
article about the way billboards are getting by as "mural signs."

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