Jan 8, 2009

Josh Heller doesn't read my blog, but he'd probably enjoy this truck.

Dear Mark Manguera,

Thank you for Kogi truck. The Korean BBQ chicken taco I just devoured was undoubtedly delicious. Sometimes I like food a lot because I am just really hungry and, thus, predisposed to liking whatever I eat. Tonight's case was the reverse. I was not hungry at all and, yet, the food still was tremendous. I am thinking about getting twitter just so I can follow your wearabouts!

That's a big deal,

P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Oh my god.


Heller said...

Ben Chinn told me about this. It looks good. I plan to check it out the next time I'm in Los Angeles.

neonspecs said...

I don't know who this Ben Chinn is, but he has good taste.

Maggie said...

I found about this last week and it stood us up!!! I waited for almost an hour, went to westwood and then came back and IT STILL WASN'T THERE. VERY SAD. They have some really strong followers, people were still waiting. I think I may give it a second try from this review. let's go to this too! lol

Maggie said...

This truck stood me up last week! i may give it a second try because you love it. tell me when you go next time.