Oct 17, 2009

I like to sleep with the window open and you keep the window closed.

L-R, T-B:
1) Paul McCartney: Give My Regards to Broad Street
2) Paul Simon: Hearts and Bones
3) Paul Simon: Still Crazy After All These Years
4) Peter Sellers: the Best of Sellers
5) Petula Clark: The World's Greatest International Hits!
6) The Police: Ghost in the Machine

1) Rhino Records 99 cents purchase, yeeeeah. But, this album is just whatever. It's a soundtrack of a movie I'd never heard of. I didn't even realize it was a soundtrack until writing this right now. The bizarre pictures all over the gatefold should have clued me in, but one never knows with these rock stars. (oh my that was so cheesy). Anyways, this has a lot of his already released tracks. So, basically, this is the kind of record I buy when I'm just record shoppin' quickly and the albums are 99 cents.

2) I don't remember where I got this record. I don't even remember ever listening to it. So, alas, all I can say is that it has really ugly album art.

3) A classic I took from the parents, which includes the classic that gave this post its title. I don't think anything bad could be said about this album. Well, actually, it could be said that it's super annoying that my dad starts singing "Still Crazy After All These Years" every time someone mentioned something related to many years or being crazy. But I'll overlook that. Why, you ask? The answer is easy if you take it logically (what's that too much? Probably only if you know that it comes from "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" -- track four). okay okay "YOU'RE KIND" IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER>BIG DEAL!11!!!!1!!1 (the 1s are to denote to gkla the level of excitement here). If you want to listen to a super perfect duo of songs, you want to listen to this song and then "Heart of the Country" from Paul McCartney's solo album, Ram.

---NOTE---: There are a lot of records that have been procured since this picture was taken, but I'll save writing about them 'til I have pictures.

4) MAMSROC. This is a weird not 12" 33 1/3 LP but 10", which means that it comes from the time when only classical music and 'musical' music was given the 'privilege' of getting more shellac.
I really like the Parlophone logo.

5) Also MAMSROC. and, also ORANGE VINYL. woooooo!!! Also includes the silly rework: "The Boy from Ipanema." I think it is one of these
(thank you internet! google "petula clark orange"): "There are also numerous bootleg albums from Taiwan which have become quite collectable. These are generally inferior quality copies of her American or British hit albums on red, orange, green or yellow vinyl with poorly xeroxed art work." true, but the poorly xeroxed art work looks kinda nice.

6) Rhino Records $0.49 purchase from early high school. I liked this record a lot then.


ReadDanceBliss said...

0/ You're not allowed to mentioned anything related to "Girl from Ipanema" in any way without also mentioning me. It's my theme song.

1/ It's "Still Crazy After After All These Years", not "After All OF These Years". No "OF". Stop that.

3/ That's all.

neonspecs said...

1. why do you start lists with zero?
2. why would that be your theme song?
3. boo