Oct 5, 2009

Not redacting.

I was only writing this post because, for no reason, I really wanted to use the word "redact." Then I realized it's a totally inappropriate word for this post. Anyways, I am addending (blogger doesn't think this is a word but it is the verb form of addendum, believe me), sadly not redacting, the post entitled " Josh Heller doesn't read my blog, but he'd probably enjoy this truck," in which I wrote "P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Oh my god." with "P.P.S. Kim chi quesedilla! Stop putting too much cheese in it and letting it get too cold and congealed before you serve it!" (In fact, I exactly did not redact that post; I did not edit it before publishing in such as I am editing it after the fact with this here additional post).

Hey, I don't know what the deal is with this post being all kinds of crazy font sizes. When I edit it, it looks and says it is all one size. Sorry.


Heller said...

redact the title also, as it appears inaccurate.

neonspecs said...

haha, do you read the blog or just posts with your name in it? or do you not like the truck?