Nov 19, 2007

A few small items of note.

1. Can someone please explain to me the cast of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I have seen probably a hundred episodes of this fine show, and yet I always get confused when there are any other detectives than Goren and Eames. Please illuminate!

2. Only Erica might care about this, and she probably no longer reads this blog, but... Yesterday, whilst driving home from Santa Cruz on the 101, we chanced upon some weird public radio station just west of the Central Valley that was playing 'sounds of the Middle East.' My co-passengers really weren't digging it, but the song really caught my attention. After a couple minutes, I am positive it was some version of Tarbuka (or whatever is the real name of the song which accompanies that dance). Too bad the DJ was talking in thick accented Arabic and I really couldn't confirm.

3. James Franco might be guest DJing Automatic Stapler this Wednesday at 4. But since he was lame and canceled (I always want to put two Ls in that word) last time so last minute, I am not going to really advertise. You should tune in, though, because we are awesome whether or not Mr. Franco participates, and there are only a few more shows this quarter.


Alan said...

At one point in the series, Eames was temporarily replaced with Det. Bishop (red haired woman) while she carried her sister's child. In real life, the woman that plays Eames (Kathryn Erbe) was actually pregnant so it was written into the show.

About two seasons ago, Det. Mike Logan joined the show. The reported reason is that Vincent D'Onofrio was suffering from exhaustion from shooting a new episode every week so they started alternating casts to give him a break. For some reason, Logan has had a different female partner every season: first Barek, then Wheeler, and I don't know what his new partner's name is.

I will continue to visit this blog as long as you keep posting about Criminal Intent!

Susan said...

I always put two L's in canceled as well! I just did it right now.

I will try to tune in on Wednesday, although I may fall asleep halfway through the show.

ReadDanceBliss said...

I regret that I failed to comment on this post many months ago when it was first posted.

neonspecs said...

haha, yeah, quite the delayed reaction, yo.