Nov 30, 2007

I am pretty sure I don't like you.

I am writing an analytical memorandum (oy!) on Road System Performance in West LA (of Pico and Olympic Boulevards). I needed some information about a bus that I saw on Pico when I was doing some, shall we say, field research, so I called up 1-800-commute.

Me: Can you tell me what MTA bus lines run on Pico between the 405 onramp and Avenue of the Stars?
Her: The Santa Monica Seven.
Me: But I saw a MTA Local bus.
Me: Thank you. hang up

Um, okay, maybe my eyes deceived me, but yelling was really unnecessary, MTA woman.

On a Law & Order: Criminal Intent side note (per Alan's request. hope you're still reading!), I was watching an episode today without Goren or Eames (boo!) that was redeemed by the following interchange:
Captain Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian, who seems to always play Jewish characters but I don't think he is): Guess we know who didn't find the Afikomen! (about a boy who hated his father)
Logan & red-haired partner of the week: blank faces
CDR: It's like an Easter egg hunt for matzah.
Logan & red-haired partner of the week: blank faces, pause uh huh


Greg aka gkla said...

one thing i've learned from being a reporter: keep calling back till you get an answer you like

Alan said...

Yeah, I thought that line was hilarious too! In fact, coincidentally, I also posted it on my tumblelog a few weeks ago:

Susan said...

that's creepy, you two.

by you two i mean laura and alan of course. whoever this greg is, he's probably fine.

Margarete said...

why did that mta lady yell at you?!?! that's the most ridiculous response EVER.