Nov 5, 2007

Other things UCLA has taught me (midterms edition)

This is not my writing.
  1. I do not like B.B. King's music.
  2. Nabisco means National Biscuit Company.
  3. Space and Place are entirely different things.
  4. Using stopwatches for too long will make you scheme to build a peanut oil pipeline across the Sahara.
  5. Quaker Oats has absolutely nothing to do with actual Quakers.
  6. We are now living in an era of fluid modernity.
  7. I don't care about any of the aforementioned things.

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Susan said...


also: I was terribly sad to miss sondre on your show but alas, I was not home. Also also: Paul Rudd! Your general managerness is just getting cooler and cooler. I want to come back to UCLA and have celebrity encounters with you. I miss you.