Nov 27, 2007

A few things that bother me.

This is not at the Auto Show; this is at the Seattle Art Museum.

1. My parents won't get me a car (nor can I afford to get one myself) but decided to make the Auto Show the post-Thanksgiving family activity. A little cruel, I would say.

2. If you are going to have something be entirely about Christmas, don't call it "holiday." It's not more politically correct or some nonsense because you call it 'holiday' when you don't include any other holidays in it. To be clear, I don't care if you only care about Christmas--just don't call it 'holiday' and get me excited about the prospects of just maybe there might be something about Chanukah!

3. My landlord is never in her office.

4. My blues professor looks like a mixture of David Dassa and my dentist. WEIRD.


Sivan said...

Awesome photo. And it IS mean, I quite agree.

neonspecs said...

aww, you read my blog! that is exciting.