Dec 13, 2007

1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, 459 suspect there now.

It is 11:08pm and I am at home! Fab. Too bad I still have to write two response papers that were due last week. oy!

In a case of real life imitating art, the 6oclock news informed me that someone stole a mother's car which had a bunch of Christmas presents for her kids in its trunk. And the LAPD saved the day. Of course, Adam-12 did it a little better. It was the day of Christmas Eve and they found it
just in time. Plus, I am pretty sure there was a snake involved somehow. (Officer Pete Malloy was afraid of snakes). This is my second favorite television programme of all time. You should check it out, folks.

Today, after my lovely two hour nap (since I had to wake up at 7am for a final--oy!), I watched disc two of The Johnny Cash Show DVD. While the DVD itself isn't so well put together, there are some super solid performances. Roy Orbison did the classic "Cryin';" Neil Diamond did some song or another super excellently--I now know why my mom thinks he is attractive. Also, it was pretty awesome to see Eric Clapton, as part of Derek and the Dominoes, perform with Carl Perkins and seem so in awe, especially after a whole quarter of blues history and kinda hating Eric Clapton.

I think these are really awesome. Now whether or not they would actually look good on any man is another question. Still, awesome.

Ummm, so I can fit a picture in here and make this post prettier in a somewhat related way. The following picture is related to school. yay, it fits!

This is not my favorite TA. This is, however, my most handsome TA.

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Susan Harris said...

ooh, he does look rather attractive