Dec 9, 2007

Midnight Yell.

I am finally starting my response papers that were due last Monday and Wednesday for my blues class. And, the links to the songs won't play. Gah, this is when my mother would conveniently exclaim, "You should never save anything for the last minute; you never know what might come up." Thank you, mother. Boo, internet. But, Law & Order: CI just always takes precedent.

I also watched the Bob Dylan movie, I'm Not There, today. It was so bizarre. I didn't really understand it and I know quite a fair amount of Dylan's story. So, uh, hmmmm. It wasn't bad, but I also don't think it was worth nine dollars. Also, why is Heath Ledger playing a ton of jerks these days?

Anyways, since I am apparently not writing essays anyways, I am going to create a wishlist to further fuel my materialism. Chanukah doesn't end until Tuesday, folks! Not that I expect any of my, oh, three, maybe four, readers to get me any of this stuff and thus it will include some completely unrealistic stupidly-expensive items that I really wouldn't want anyone to buy anyways--I just would like them to magically appear in my possession without anyone having to pay anything.
A set of 6 of these, please. ;-)So cute. Turtle Hare! painting.

Okay, I am actually just going to go to sleep since I am not getting anything done. Jonathan Gold wrote non-food articles, woah! Especially woah that Jonathan Gold wrote an article entitled "N.W.A.: A Hard Act to Follow."

Also, apparently people actually engage in Midnight Yell. weird. and so prompt, too.


Margarete said...

OooOO..i really like that chair!! did the midnight yell scare you b/c it all made me and my roomies jump!..i don't like it at all. :/

i guess i must get back to studying. i read your blog now to procrastinate. a good thing in your favor i guess..haha...

neonspecs said...

yeah, it kinda freaked me out. but just for a second cause I figured it out pretty immediately. why did it last so long though? haha