Dec 7, 2007

I am listening to Neko Case so loudly that I didn't realize it was raining.

I am so excited about this rain! Going to make some tea in the morning and get the gas for my fireplace turned on (Although, I am still disappointed that is a gas fireplace and not a real one. sad). Speaking of gas, I spent two hours today preparing foods for a Chanukah dinner. Two hours! Making latkes which I don't even like just because one needs latkes at a Chanukah dinner. And then, thirty minutes before people are supposed to arrive, my stove top won't turn on! So I knock on the doors of the two people I know on my floor and they don't answer. So I end up cooking latkes in some random people's apartment (and to continue the running motif of recent entries, they were watching Law and Order while I was doing this, although it was SVU of which I am no fan) and it was super awkward. And because of this awkwardness, I rushed the cooking and they weren't so fab. Bah! At least the salad was delicious. haha.

As promised to some folk, what follows is an awesome documentary made for the BBC in 1972 called "
Reyner Banham Loves LA" which I first watched in my Los Angeles in Film class freshman year. It is spectacular. Please note the Shaft-esque music. Also, I am in the process of reading Banham's Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies and I highly recommend it.
"And you might wonder what I am doing in Los Angeles, which makes nonsense of history and breaks all the rules. Well, I love the place with a passion that goes beyond sense or reason."


Susan said...

The image of you knocking on doors to cook your latkes is desperately sad, and fabulous.

Margarete said...

ooh..i remember that film! maybe i can borrow the book???

neonspecs said...

woah, when did you watch the film?
and yeah you can borrow it when I am done, for sure.

ReadDanceBliss said...

I love that quotation! And his voice... this is great (very-Laura) stuff.