Dec 29, 2007

Oh, how I really like the Pretenders' song, "Back on the Chain Gang"

A song of the west.

The title is true. I like it a lot. Especially the "huhs" that are totally a female 80s version of Lead Belly's. Awesome.

What I don't like, on the other hand, is the sudden influx of spam I am receiving at my radio email account. About 50 a day at a minimum. It's truly annoying. Especially since I had to go 257 emails today to find the one from JFranc sandwiched between the drugs and the watches.

Since I got back from Colorado (which I
will one day get to posting about), I have done an abundance of nothing with an intermission of after-Christmas shopping and about ten movies interspersed throughout. I will now provide you with short reviews in the form of title, Netflix star score I have assigned, and then a couple of comments. By the way, if you have Netflix, we should become weirdo Netflix friends because it's fun to see other people's movie selections.

1. American Hardcore 3/5 solid, but too much Henry Rollins.
2. A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake 3/5 interestingly ethereal, but nothing superb.
3. Glory Road 3/5 (I would've given it a 2.5/3 if I could) unoriginal, but it wouldn't have been horrible if I hadn't seen basically the same movie three hundred times before.
4. Kill Your Idols 2/5 I wanted to like this. I didn't. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs don't need to take up so much of the film.
5. High Society 4/5 I love Bing Crosby. And Cole Porter tunes are always solid.
6. Enchanted 3/5 cute. more than that? Not really.
7. Neil Young: Heart of Gold 3/5 Not enough Harvest. But Jonathan Demme is an excellent filmmaker.
8. Tales of the Rat Fink 4/5 I knew nothing about Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Now I do. Plus Brian Wilson was the voice of a car, and not an animated car! And the movie was scored by the excellent band The Sadies.
9. Let's Sing a Song of the West (not on Netflix). An old (1940s) short fewer than ten minutes long. Four fab old songs with words on the screen to sing a long with them being acted out. So great.
10. Charlie Wilson's War 4/5 Grand. This is the only one from the list you can see in theaters. Go do so!


Roy said...

If you have a Gmail account and if your UCLA radio e-mail account is POP3 or IMAP, you can access your UCLA radio e-mail through GMail and GMail's spam filter is superb.

Forgive me for that horridly constructed sentence.

neonspecs said...

i don't have a gmail account.