Feb 8, 2008

He's Fantastic

Don't steal my drawing, thanks.

Going through my daily time-waster of reading a gazillion blogs, I was inspired to write a post about two of my favorites combined! also known as Sondre Lerche's obsession with Alfred Hitchcock. So wonderful, but you may not have noticed. So, let me illuminate:
  1. The font on all Two Way Monologue-era material is very much like the genius Saul Bass' poster work for Vertigo.
  2. The bird motif on TWM is also an obvious allusion to The Birds.
  3. The spirals inside the album booklet of TWM are another (slightly less obvious) allusion to the title sequence of Vertigo (also Saul Bass's work).
  4. "She's Fantastic" off of The Phantom Punch makes obvious references to Rebecca: "In that old movie 'bout Rebecca's spell, I feel like Max never felt, minus the drama and the fraud..." and Vertigo: "Just like in that old movie about Carlotta's spell, I feel obsessed like Scottie felt."
  5. In almost all interviews with Sondre about his scoring for the recent film Dan in Real Life, he brings up Jon Brion and Bernard Hermann, who scored Vertigo and Psycho, among many other Hitchcock films.
I am sure there are more but that's all that come to mind at this moment.

Also, while we're on the Saul Bass posting spree, check out this amazing website that has over twenty of his title sequences and info about them, including a non-Hitchcock film, but my second favorite move EVER, Around the World in 80 Days with David Niven and Cantinflas! (which I of course own on DVD if you'd ever like to watch it. hehe).

And, while not scored by Bernard Hermann, Victor Young's Oscar-winning score of Around the World in 80 Days is my favorite film score ever--a gift I would be happy to receive. ;-) (I have four different releases of it on vinyl but not on CD).


c-vahn said...

OK, now this is one beautiful portrait. You are SO talented!!

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Wow, I almost forgot how talented you are. This is beautiful.

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