Feb 2, 2008

Ryan, Royce, and Random.

I should point out that while I complained about Mr. Adams, the show was, indeed, pretty spectacular. But the real kudos goes to Royce Hall acoustics--man, it sounded nice.

And now that we are on the topic of Royce Hall, I might as well update you on the celebz (a post theme I haven't revisited in months!). On the first of December of last year, I reported that Donald Sutherland wore his shlumpy pajamas (or what might well have been) to see Teatr Zar (at Freud, but close enough). Since then, there have been a small smattering of less than fascinating folks but celebrities nonetheless. First, Kate Beckinsale and David Arquette (not together) went to see The Nutcracker on December 22nd. At the second Ryan Adams show, we lovely ushers were graced with the presence of Mandy Moore, Zoe Saldana (whom I will be cool with even though she was a little rude, just because she is in my fav chick flick EVAR, Center Stage), Joel Stein! (who thinks he is really funny while he is only a little funny but I love him anyways), Margaret Cho, the October Road kid (too lazy to imdb that), and the coma woman from Grey's Anatomy.

On the first Ryan Adams, the one in which I was an audience member and not an employee, I wasn't in prime position for being bored and spending my time looking for celebrities, and thus I saw only two folks -- Sam from The Parson Redheads (who are pictured above on my show, which you should listen to Tuesdays 4-6pm) and Frankie from Big City Rock.

The following isn't actually what one would consider a 'sighting,' since, uh, it was his show (1/18), but part of my job is scanning tickets, and that evening David Sedaris scanned tickets for his own show. er go, David Sedaris and I scanned tickets together. It was kinda amazing. He said all the snarky things to the patrons that I always want to say but for which I would get fired.

Finally, Rainn Wilson was at Dan Zanes today.

And that, my friends, was your every-once-in-a-while update.


Maggie said...

ooOOooh Mandy Moore! love her. and for some reason I always thought Zoe had a "rude" personality. Looked up Joel on Wikipedia and kind of cute in a geeky way..haha..I'm glad you enjoyed Ryan Adams. :) Also, I'm loving the "Dear ____," blogs. Very witty. Thanks again for your blogs so I can procrastinate studying for my midterms!

ReadDanceBliss said...


I'm very jealous of your ticket-scanning moments.

ReadDanceBliss said...

Alllllllsooooo, you know that game you play where you take the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your last name and put it together and say that's what you're gonna name your kid? Well, it's a game, trust me. And you do the same with a boy you like (it's *that* age of game) and that's the imaginary kid's middle name? And you can figure out what *your* name would have been if your parents had done it that way? (Use your mom's maiden name, silly).

Yeah, so that's why I love the word "ergo". It would be my kid's name, using the aforementioned method of nomenclature. Indeed.

PS My name would have been Sali Hogo. At least it's pronounceable, eh? And just try to tell me this is NOT how Courtney Cox (Arquette - relevant!) ended up naming her kid Coco, seriously.

neonspecs said...

hahaha you've told me about this game many a time. ;-)

Man, my name would have been Heza Irbe. hahahhaha

ReadDanceBliss said...

Nuh-uh. Where's "Ka" in Heza Irbe?

Your daughter's first name would be Laka. Not as good as Coco, but still very LA.

neonspecs said...

my mom's maiden name doesn't have 'ka.' you pointed that out yourself, silly! (use of the same word you used is on purpose) hehe.

ReadDanceBliss said...

Yeah but I sort of thought your dad's does, no?? Where does Irbe come from?

neonspecs said...

oh yeah, sorry. Irka. hahahha that's from his middle name. i got confused because my mom made her maiden name her middle name legally when she married my dad (she didn't have a middle name before).

El Gigante said...

Wow, David Sedaris. That is spectacular, though do you find that there seems to be a incongruity between the way his voice sounds and how he looks. That is to say, it doesn't sound like his voice would come out of his body?

neonspecs said...

That voice would be incongruous with anyone, unless one happened to be a cartoon.