Feb 6, 2008

Rollin' with the Homies

I knew he looked familiar! But more than looking familiar, his voice is so only his voice! I didn't place it when he played an obnoxious lawyer representing the bad guy on an episode of Law and Order or CI (I can't remember), but right now I am watching an episode of the new season of L&O for the first time on which he is a regular (the newest in a series of replacements for the best--Jerry Orbach). Aaaaaaaaaand it is none other than Elton from Clueless!!!!!

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El Gigante said...

Jeremy Sisto is the actor's name. I first noticed him in he tiny independent horror film May, but the guy can do jerks in his sleep as evidenced in Clueless but more recently in Waitress. His most dynamic work can be seen as Billy Chennoweth in HBO's Six Feet Under.