Feb 4, 2008

A Rascal's Disciple

photo via derekb at flickr

It's a little crazy how many recognizable actors have been on an episode of Law and Order or L&O: Criminal Intent. In the episode I am currently watching, Jeffrey Tambor plays a hilariously inept judge, Honorable Barry Dilwynn.

Also, I just love that people other than me use the adjective 'Saulbassian.' While that is not a particularly exciting post, I highly recommend the Brand New blog about brand/identity work.

Finally, while 'falling on your ass' is perhaps more embarrassing, I am pretty sure falling on your knees is more painful as the blood on my left knee can confirm. Thank you, the combination of socks and slippery wood floors.

By the way, Saul Bass has the coolest signature.


Alan said...

My favorite cameo was Stephen Colbert as a brilliant but deranged handwriting forger.

neonspecs said...

Yeah that was a great episode. I love how you comment on cue as soon as I mention Law and Order. haha.