Feb 11, 2008

A Series of Letters Relating to this Evening and Other Things

Dear Largo,

Thanks for being so awesome. I could deal with better prices on the food or no cover charge--fixing one or the other would be excellent, but otherwise you're real smooth.

I love you,

Dear Greg Proops,

You are pretty hilarious. I, too, am glad we have advanced enough technologically as a people to have a cyborg run for president. "You like Tusk? I Like Tusk!"

Please be on my show,


Dear Jon Brion,

You looked super greasy today, maybe wash your hair tomorrow. Nevertheless, how are you so awesome? Your ragtime Tainted Love was solid. Your jacket was supacool, too. Please make the world align so that I may actually get reservations for one of your Largo shows in which you play more than two songs. Have fun in Paris.

Please be on my show,
The first #2pencil portrait I ever did, back in the day

Dear Rhett Miller,

Your hair might be a
smidgen on the too long and feathery side today, but you are still beyond handsome. And your hip swiveling is always grand. Additionally, I appreciated your compliments about my show, and if you wouldn't mind getting Spoon on my show like you said you would tonight (really randomly, I might add), that'd be swell.

I love you
and please come on my show (again),

Dear iTunes,

Why do you make the Steve Miller Band's Greatest Hits' album art the album art for
every greatest hits collection?

Not cool,

Dear Readers,

You are grand. I adore your comments.

Please listen to my show tomorrow (or today, I guess. Tues 4-6pm pdt UCLAradio.com!),

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
wasnt him near a studio or something? I saw someone already told why Jon Brian is there for... though the place is always so random...

anyway, this isnt a proper place to say where...adn if u wanna tell... here's how: juchaplin@hotmail.com (please!)

kiss and congratulations for this amazing blog!