Jan 25, 2008

Anger (is the name of a graffiti writer).

Dear Roommate,

Spraying Glade Garden whatever all over the kitchen counters and my cutting board isn't actually a good idea. Not only is my food now going to taste disgusting, I am sure that stuff is carcinogenic if ingested. And while we're at it, food is supposed to be aromatic. In fact, it smells good. It makes the apartment feel warm and homey during these rains and not the weird stucco box that it is. Especially the delightful smell of heated tasty Asian sesame oil (an oil that is way too expensive, by the way)! And now not only is there no delicious smell, there isn't even no smell. There is, instead, nasty Country Gardens.


P.S. I like my roommate. Just not this.


Greg Katz said...

god i completely agree with you on this. all smelly sprays (or, as i call them, "poop sparays") should be done away with. it is such a bourgeois preoccupation that everything ought to smell like a florist.

Maggie said...

I love the pic. i think it expresses your emotion very well. and it's quite unfortunate she sprays that all over. :/

Christina Gubalalalala said...

Laughed out loud at my terribly similar problem.