Jan 31, 2008

Broken Bluesy Whisper Sing to Me Tonight

Dear Ryan Adams,

These are my top ten favorites of your songs:
1. To Be Young
2. Firecracker
3. Trains
4. So Alive
5. Come Pick Me Up
6. Hotel Chelsea Nights
7. Oh My Sweet Carolina
8. Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard
9. Rip Off
10. Wonderwall

I guess I should be happy you played five of those songs, but you didn't play any of the top four. More harmonica songs tomorrow, please!

I did, however, really dig "Sarcophagus."

Ryan, see ya tomorrow,

Oh, also, P.S. You have a spectacular t-shirt collection that are not only awesome in their subject matter but also in how well they fit you. Good job.

1 comment:

El Gigante said...

Yes! Finally someone who thinks "Firecracker" is one of Ryan Adam's best songs. Validation is a beautiful thing.