Jan 10, 2008

"Bask in the Wonder of It All"

When one's textbook is written by the professor, it inevitably seems as if the only reason one is reading it is because the professor wants to increase sales. What a lovely surprise today, then, that one of my professors who is requiring we read his book exclaimed, "I always wanted to take the royalties I make from this class and throw a party. Maybe this quarter we'll have some wine and cheese." It was super cute.

He said he's from New York, but he has some peculiar accent. He teaches at the London School of Economics in the fall so perhaps he could've picked up some of the English intonations, but it's not really English either. I don't know. The accent just adds to his general swellness.

Oh, also, he talked about how he was interviewed by VH1 as an expert in why Orange County has a lot of punks. Ha!

Now look at some fun pictures I found of him on the department website! I love how they have him throughout many decades; apparently he sings, too. In addition to just being an all around superb 67-year old bear-like professor. All of this is based on the impressions created during one class, however, so of course opinions could change drastically.

On a side note, I have been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and he drinks a lot of Soju, which is a word that is quite similar to this professor's name, Soja. The title of this post is a lovely sentence Soja said this afternoon.

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