Jan 10, 2008

William Holden, Birds, and Geico.

I just watched a movie from 1950, Union Station, with star William Holden (of The Bridge on the River Kwai fame and one of my favorites, Stalag 17, not to mention Sunset Boulevard), and the great Barry Fitzgerald (who played Det. Lt. Dan Muldoon in another one of my favorites, the Oscar-wining The Naked City). Which makes it odd that Netflix doesn't have it. Shame on then! Anyways, the movie is filmed almost entirely in Los Angeles' Union Station and it is super swell looking at all the things that are exactly the same today, which surprisingly is a lot.

Read this.

Also read this from Pigeon John (a past Auto Stapler guest and fantastic hip hop-er, please ignore his horrendous confusion of there and their):
I've been reading again. Reading Fitzgerald's "Six Tales Of The Jazz Age" and pretty much being floored by every other sentence. He died at 44. He lived in Paris with Zelda, his wife. He was an Army man. He had a great head of hair and was born in the Mid-West. I trust dudes like him. Dylan's from the Mid-West. Prince as well. Farmer boys and blue collar hearts. I don't trust or listen to the Coasts, East or West. They are very emotional and change there opinions like coats. They are fashion forward pigs, who would eat there young if it it paid right. Trust me. I live in L.A. and am surrounded by the new hippies (scensters). And.....I change my opinions like a motherfreaker.

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