Jan 7, 2008

I paid my Verizon bill today.

Oy! I hate paying bills. In other 'communications' news:

On Saturday, I received an Instant Yiddish book from my grandmother which may or may not just sit on a shelf. My grandmother is pretty spectacular and an amazing cook, but she's not amazing at everything. Let's just say my grandmother doesn't have the firmest grasp on the English language. Which is totally fine by me, as it leads to fantastic sentences such as the following:
"He called the internet and they told him."


Lillian said...

What is that she's making? It looks yummy.

Also, my word verification word is "dykee"

neonspecs said...

Woah, Lillian comments! Crazy.

She is making 'kreplach.' A sort of Jewy dim sum. haha.

Susan Harris said...

What does that even MEAN?