Jan 9, 2008

In the post office, it is always interesting.*

Dear Frank Gehry,

While I own a watch designed by you that I quite adore, Walt Disney Concert Hall is truly inferior. First, I don't care if you are oh so innovative designing things by bending paper. Yes, I have watched the boring documentary
Sketches of Frank Gehry (that movie calls for its own letter--"Dear Sydney Pollack, I expected much more from you). Second, in no way is WDC
H 'unique,' considering the Bilbao Guggenheim and a bunch of your other buildings look exactly the same.

Third, I don't know if you made these decisions but since you seem to be quite the controlling man I am sure you h
ad a large role and I must say I am quite disappointed. At a place such as this, of such preeminent stature and lofty prices, I expect leg room. And I am not talking about tons of space but even just enough to perhaps unlock my knees at some point in the evening would be nice. Plus, the arm rests are supremely uncomfortable, definitely not ergonomic, most surely unhealthy. Fourth, in the upper terrace, in which I have sat twice (although not today), this closeness of the rows combined with the overall steep grade of the seats leads to some pretty harrowing trips to one's seat. One could easily fall to his death from such a high and unprotected perch with such little space to maneuver (I really want to spell this maneuvre, as in the band Orchestral Maneuvres in the Dark aka OMD which had that one spectacular song, "If You Leave). And it's not like these horrible seats are even cheap!

Fifth, the organ
looks lame; I am not even going to give reasons for that.

I do, however, love the ceiling. The ceiling is awesome; kudos on that.

Sorry, man, but you just needed to hear this.

*According to some recording via the EGPD.

Now since I am not a dedicated tagger at Flickr, and since I didn't want to spend a gazillion hours going through over a thousand pictures to find a very relevant one, the following picture of Sondre is relevant in that 1) Sondre performed at the WDCH tonight which is what put me in the situation which prompted this post and 2) Rami Raff, who
is newly linked to the right, commented to me about how much I love Sondre, so I might as well reinforce that image of myself, because it is true. This picture is from Sondre's recent show at the Troubadour (although as it was in November, it wasn't that recent).


ReadDanceBliss said...

Badoar, tamid meanyen.

I lovelovelove the open-letter boat you've been sailing. F'n great. Can I steal it? If you complain I'll say I got the idea from McSweeney's's's "Open Letters to People Or Entities Who Are Unlikely To Respond" (here) instead of from you.

Can we hang out soon please? Kthanks.

neonspecs said...

So you basically plan on stealing it anyway? Well thanks for the courtesy request. I give you permission of course, but some liberal linking to my blog would be lovely. ;-)

Also, we can hang out soon for sure, when you free? I am done playing scrabulous though.