Jun 6, 2008


I was planning on going to sleep after I wrote the previous post, but then I looked out my window and through the shades I realized it was already getting to daylight. I had class at 11am; it was going to be way difficult to get up if I went to sleep then. I then had the genius of idea of going to up to my roof to watch the sunrise--gots to take advantage of my apartment before I move out!

As expected, it was beautiful and calm. I finished reading my most recent of Chandler novels, The Little Sister.
"I smelled Los Angeles before I got to it. It smelled stale and old like a living room that had been closed too long. But the colored lights fooled you. The lights were wonderful. There ought to be a monument to the man who invented neon lights. Fifteen stores high, solid marble. There's a boy who really made something out of nothing."
Birds were chirping, sun was rising. All was great--until a bee landed on my leg and I sat there perfectly still. eek! Anyways, I went back down after the sun was up with all these great plans--cooking a full breakfast, watching an old movie, and even getting some work done before class--but I ended up going to sleep anyways at 8. And, now, it was even more difficult getting up at 10 for class! But it was worth it.

I just started a book by Edward Thorpe called Chandlertown about Los Angeles. Check it out in the sidebar links.

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